Friday, March 18, 2011


It came to my attention that in paganism, people like to make distinctions… Day or night, nature or mystical, stones, auras, communications. People like to define what they want from the craft or what they are good at, their skills per say. So when I first started into all this I had a strong urge and need to define what I do and don’t like…what I wanted to learn. Paganism is so broad, you really forge your own path, and you HAVE to know what you want from it.
Almost immediately three things were strong to me; the moon, crystals, auras and animal communication. These are the things I need to study, learn and embrace.
When faced with the option of the sun or the moon, there was no hesitation. Once I opened that thought process the moon flooded into my consciousness. The moon to me feels like a mother, milky and smooth and velvety, Embracing and calm. The glow is comforting and all encompassing. I had never known I had such an affinity for the moon until I was forced to think about it.

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