Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I feel so jumbled inside. I started down this pagan path about 2 weeks ago. Since then I have researched wicca, astaru, druids, shamans, crystals, auras, crystals, meditation etc etc. So much at once that I am kind of in a haze. I have been super exhausted lately. My house needs a good cleaning but I have been too busy researching and studying all of it I have put everything else to the side. I was hoping in all my research something would pop out at me and say “THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU” or “this is your path” and nothing has.
I feel a strong pull towards healing, but I feel I need more substance, more background knowledge of the body and different aspects of it to go down this path. I need more of a firm hold on who I am and what I believe before I would ever benefit anyone else.
Tonight I am hiding the tarot crads and crystals and I am cleaning my damn house. This is a good place to start…I need to unjumble my house then unjumble my head THEN it will leave room for things to peek in when needed *coughmydeitycough*

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  1. Along the path of Paganism there is much to learn. It sounds as if you may be trying too hard to fill a void within you regarding your spirituality or connections to Divine. Perhaps it would help to relax and seek information about subjects of interest to you. Be at peace, first with yourself. Let the right path find you, rather than forcing yourself to make early choices or "fit into" one or another "path options". Bright Blessings!