Tuesday, March 29, 2011

360 view of Carson Valley from my work
 So I drive to work and see these huge snow covered mountains and hills around me and I think of mother eQarth and the turbulance that once happened to create thse mountains and I feel tiny and part of the earth. But then i walk into work and stare at a computer screen all day and write and answer phones. It bums me out to not be more connected more often. I need to start a garden but the weather has been so inconsistant lately I am afraid to.

I downloaded a book today :


It talks about how to control empathy. It says it helps you to identify what your energy feels like so it can better help you to discern what your feelings are and when you are picking up others feelings. This is a good first step to controlling this "thing" I have had all my life. Hopefully that will help to also stabilize my mind.

 Also, I have been feeling random bouts of warmth and comfort, like someone is telling me they are watching over me and I am safe. It comes and goes, and I dont know who or what it comes from, or if it's even a "someone" that it comes from or just inner peace. I hope to be able to control and stabalize it so I can use this feeling when I need it.

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