Sunday, April 10, 2011

From my father..

So I did something new with tarot today. I asked the deck to give me a card...a message from my dad who passed in 2003. I have never thought of utilizing tarot in this way. The card I pulled brough tears to my eyes:

Sundays pull-love/life

This couldnt be a more perfect pull for me. The inversed 2 of cups reminds me to back up from my emotions in a relationship. To not focus so much on the other person and their needs and emotions and focus more on myself and my needs.

Then immediately following that is the 5 of swords, which basically is telling me the same thing. Focus on myself and my needs.

Friday, April 8, 2011


It hit me today, what my beliefs are. I believe there is a God, an omnipresent being, a deity...whatever you want to call him/her. It exists. My problem is doctrine. I take no merit in the bible. It was written by mortal men like you and me...altered and changed throughout time to reflect the beliefs of the powers back in a time much different than ours. Rules that the powers wanted were written into a doctrine, passed on as words of a make people have more merit in them. When, in the end...all they are is stories. Not that the bible doeskin have it's place in fine literature as far as a general moral compass (should you need one). But I feel the morals in it are just that, stories...

I don't need a bible to tell me that hurting people is bad, that breaking hearts and sleeping around is generally a crappy and slutty thing to do. I know in my heart and am guided by my intuition what is right and wrong. Some of the things I see people who DO actually believe in the bible and doctrine are so so far out of my scope of moral or right it boggles my mind. Surely simply saying you believe in a doctrine doesn't make you a better person, so neither does NOT believing in it make you a worse person.

This is also the reason I had a problem finding a "deity". As most Gods and Goddesses were created from stories and myths. Of grandiose beings who conquered and comforted, healed and created in a world we can't fathom. Some people can draw from the individual strengths they supposedly hold, but not me. I cant put my faith in storybook characters or ideals. I can only follow what I feel and know to be true in my heart.

So "God" it is.


Love/future/compatability spread

4/7 love pull

Squeee! This is a great pull for a love question